“This is the kind of tired that sleep can’t fix.”

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Infinite list of flawless female charactersDaenerys Targaryen

Not a Queen.A Khaleesi.

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I do not only think of France!

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This keeps happening…

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Sarah Manning’s ultimately special because she dares to go off-script. If she runs into trouble, she’ll chug a bottle of hand soap to buy some time. If she runs up against a wall, she’ll grab a fire extinguisher and bash her way the hell right out. In an instant of inspired thinking, Sarah constantly rejects what should be desperate, cornered moments with her sheer determination to survive.


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Mary Stuart & Francis Dauphin (Frary) in every episode

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Vanity Fair: Behind the Scenes

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1x12 The Prophecy / 5x22 The Gift

Death is your gift.

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